Overthinking overthinking.

Are you tired of overthinking overthinking? Constantly in the mind frame of thinking about overthinking. Telling yourself all is fine, and actually knowing that is around you is great. You are content. The people you spend time with and surround yourself with is at its best. But still manage to get inside your own head.

I am at that moment in life right now. As I look around me and think what I have, who I hold and what I do- I semi smile. I feel content and happy with the possibility of actually, for once in my life, seeing a future.

Everything is dandy. Everything is going to fall into place.

Then BOOM, your mind takes over. Isn’t it a shame you sometimes aren’t your minds friend, but your gut, well your gut and you are best friends.

I always talk about and promote the fact of having coping mechanisms in place to achieve a good, positive mindset and to know just how to slip in and out of your own, self made coping mechanisms. But sometimes our own advice goes unseen when we are in z situation.

I suppose what this all boils down to is the ability to be able to take five minutes out. Some “You time” to reflect, to heel and just to be alone with yourself and your thoughts and be ok with that.

I love my own company and am very content with being on my own when and if needed. But to take time out to even watch a film, read a book or just sit in the shed to do nothing but listen to the rain can sometimes be a struggle. A struggle to find a liking for a certain thing that will most certainly, if done correctly, tick every single box in “You Time” and have you feeling ever so amazing after.

This is what I struggle to do. To focus on things. To take things in and to enjoy something that will cleanse the mind.

I think sometimes all we need is time away. By yourself, with a significant other or friends and family. Time to have away from the normal routine you do daily. And can get very tedious and repetitive.

I have several books that I have started and had a sheer love for, getting into the story line, getting to know the characters and struggling to put the book down whilst wanting to instantly go back to the book to continue. I miss that feeling. Do you?

I see, as I write this that I am somewhat contradicting what I have said and have really enjoyed writing this. To let the words flow. To feel the keys under your fingers. (Actually the screen under my fingers) I miss a keyboard. The old school keyboards. The big retro ass keyboards. Tap, tap, tap.

How beautiful is this beast? Amazing, right?

Right guys, thank you for reading. I am off, I have just found a website with “things that will take you back to the 90‘s) and I am about to indulge into that.

Oh, something to get into. Maybe the times are changing already for me. Heheh.

Take care, you beautiful lot. T X

The world is your oyster.

Oh, hello there! It’s a pleasure.

I want to take you back to a time of my life, that as I am currently sat at the garden dining table looking around my surroundings, I am thinking about.

I want to take you to a part of my life where I was so caught up in others opinions, I never focused on my own life  and all the while I thought things were good and I was “doing me”, things were going down hill- whilst I sit behind my steering wheel allowing this to happen.

Looking back now, with a very level head. A head that knows right from wrong and a head that can judge a situation prior to being completely wrapped up in it I look at things different now and I am at the point I can laugh at it all. Had a little giggle to myself and crack on as per usual. This is a magnificent moment. I am currently in that moment.

What has bought me these recent thoughts is recently I have been watching a few old Vlogging videos in which I did many years ago (8 years ago) which is a bloody long time. Admittedly it doesn’t feel like 8 years, that’s what makes it more crazy. But these videos had me in stitches, but also I felt sick at how I was and the message I was portraying. The messages I was putting across, always have and always will- is about being you and to “Believe in You”. But looking back to these videos, I know now that that moment in time wasn’t my happiest time, it may have been a happy time, a time where I was content and far away from how I currently was. That is what makes it more crazy. To remember the exact moment in which you did something, and being glad you are not there anymore.

Myself and my friends mainly talk about time, and how even being 16 years old feels like so long ago. Being the 23 year old that I am now. That was so long ago now. Long enough to look back at see all the stuff that has changed, the position you were in and the position you are currently in.

We all go through bad times, but eventually we get out of them and we get to the very empowering time of looking back, laughing and reflecting on how you are right at that moment. If anything, it feels like being a different person , but instead you are just the same you, but at a different stage in life.

I have attached the link to a video that I did 6 years ago. “I promise you it does get better! PINKY PROMISE”. A video that I am very fond and happy to look back on.

Thank you for your time, and just remember that what you are going through or your current situation, you can always get out of it. Stand for you, like yourself, get to the point of loving yourself and do anything you want. You’re allowed. The world is your Oyster card – that card is already topped up, use it.

Love, T X



The Journey Begins

Hello and thank you for joining me! It’s a real pleasure to be here.

Firstly I’m Thomas, I’m 23 and I live in London. I have been back in London since January. A move that crippled my stomach with sickness and nerves. A move that I truly didn’t think I would make

Since a baby, me and my dad have moved to many new towns and schools. When we were not happy somewhere, we simply upped and moved our stuff and started a new life somewhere else. Looking back, this has made us very street wise.

Many houses and towns later. I look back and I giggle. I giggle and I smile at the fact of making it to where I am now. To see previous mind thoughts that I have been in. Thoughts that would usually over take people and serious actions would be taken- I have overcome that, I have taken the bull by the horns and I have rode that bull.

My main reason for blogging is to promote a happy life style. To up sell and create good mind thoughts and realise that there are coping mechanisms in place in which we can create in our head to ensure that when things go a bit crazy in our heads- we have a strategy to fall back on and realise that “it’s just one of them days” and not “this is my everyday”

I see so many Self Help write ups out there and I LOVE them. I love them all. It is fantastic to read the words of people who have been through pain, depression, anxiety and generally just coping stages in which they have gone through in order to be able to sit here now, with a clear head and put in to writing coping mechanism. I have full respect for these people and I love them.

I will, of course attach links to z sites in the future.

Got a favourite self help link that has helped you? Feel free to send them over.

I am going to leave this short and sweet and thank you again for reading.

Until we connect again. Please take care, smile and Believe in You.


Love, as always . T X 31A98C1C-31D6-4CDD-8D30-D37E8AB79E81